Freedom knows that your component buying needs will ultimately come down to one thing; Quality.

Cost savings, or Just-In-Time delivery are meaningless if the components are not delivered with top level quality standards. Freedom has evolved ahead of the industry to protect our customers from as much avoidable risk as possible. From our well maintained vendor base, to our 25 point inspection process, and finally with our value added services available, Freedom aims to be the first line of defense in protecting your line from corrupted product.

Vendor Management

The first step in trying to insure only quality product is delivered, is to make sure the supplier base you are dealing with is fully vetted and managed. In Freedom's more than 14 years in business, we have accumulated thousands of qualified vendors that can be trusted to provide only quality product, with competitive pricing. Almost more importantly, in those same 14 years, we have been able to disqualify hundreds of suppliers that do not live up to the strict quality standards we have in place. This gives us the confidence to know that the supplier we have chosen has the same concern for quality that we do. These vendors are continually monitored and graded in a variety of areas chosen by Freedom to make sure they continue to earn our trust.

Receiving Material

Proper handling of electronic products is paramount in our industry. Upon receiving product from carriers, only ESD certified technicians are permitted to unpackage ESD sensitive devices. Once proper documentation and quantity meet specifications, we move into our Inspection Process.

Inspection Process

For detailed information about our Inspection process Click Here

Testing Capabilities

For detailed information about our Testing Capabilities Click Here

Shipping Product

ESD certified technicians are the only authorized personnel allowed to package and ship product at Freedom. Parts are packaged in accordance to industry standard/customer specific requirements BOP 004-001A. Parts are vacuum sealed according to MSL standards and packaged in anti-static material. New pink foam/wrap/peanuts are the only authorized anti-static material used. Extended notes are placed inside box along with packing slip and a customer specific shipping label with part number/internal number adheres to the exterior. Package is placed in shipping department for immediate pick-up from carriers.