Product Knowledge

Our Customers are often put in a position when factory direct product is not available and Franchise Distributors give them little or no options on how to proceed.  Freedom has recognized this flaw in our industry and we have weekly training courses in order to give buyers the one thing they desperately need:  OPTIONS.

Yes, options are a buyer's best friend.

Regardless of whether the product is obsolete, allocated, or pricing has become intolerant, customers just want to be given every option available for them to make a sound decision. In order to achieve this Freedom has instituted  weekly product knowledge classes that are administered by our most seasoned sales representatives.

The electronics industry is an evolving wave of products that can change direction at any moment. Obsolescence happens without manufacturer's notice, natural disasters halfway around the world can create allocations that disturb even the most common of products, and a global economy can effect pricing at any time on any part.   

So how do we combat this?  Our staff is trained on hundreds of manufacturer's part numbers to know exactly what each letter of each part number means and what options can be changed.

Drop-in replacements, package options, alternative manufacturers, temperature and speed are just a few of the training courses that every sales representative at Freedom attends every week. Classes adhere to real world needs and can range from part number knowledge to ISO/ESD training.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Choice.