About Us

Electronic components distributor of active, passive and obsolete semiconductors.

Founded in 1999, Freedom Sales & Marketing is a leader in the distribution of electronic components worldwide. We are an essential part of high-tech manufacturers supply chain in a variety of industries, including; medical equipment, computer & peripheral, telecommunications, transportation and consumer electronics. Our success is a direct result of our people. We continue to forge an exciting company filled with enthusiastic, culturally diverse employees fueled by success and driven by accomplishment.

Going beyond what you would expect from the average independent distributor, Freedom Sales & Marketing is proud to present it's customers with the following superior services.

  • Quality Products and Service from an ISO 9001/2008 certified and ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified company
  • Multi-million dollar component inventory. New, original, and ready to ship
  • Global sourcing from qualified suppliers worldwide
  • Prompt and knowledgeable responses and market awareness from our devoted staff of semiconductor specialists
  • Flexible terms for qualified customers
  • Inventory bonding and scheduling
  • Access to trailing edge technology (end of life and obsolete components)
  • Cost reduction on your more expensive and your everyday purchases
  • Eliminating costly lead times by delivering the components you can't wait for on time, and when you need them
  • Added Value services such as tape & reeling and testing through our qualified partners.
  • End of Life and Product Change alerts.
  • Most Important of all, our management staff and ownership are always available to offer you decades of experience, quick decisions, and flexibility when you need it most!!

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff connect our customers to a global network of quality suppliers with billions of electronic components. On time deliveries, aggressive prices, and access to trailing edge technology is just the start of what to expect from the full service distributor that is Freedom Sales & Marketing.